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The Smallest Ever Version of the Entire Bible - All Inside Your TANAOR Jewel



How Does TANAOR's Nano - Technology Work?

TANAOR is where the ancient Land of the Bible meets the modern ‘Start-Up Nation’.
Developed by scientists, the entire Old Testament has been etched onto a tiny silicon chip. Using an ion beam, atoms are dislodged from the plating, in order to fashion each of the 1.2 million letters of the Bible. By applying this innovative technology, TANAOR provides a contemporary interpretation of ancient engraving methods used to inscribe the earliest holy texts.

Nanotechnology allows the storage of dense information or material in miniaturized spaces. Consequently, in order to read the Bible chip itself, a professional microscope is required. 


A single nanometer is one billionth of a meter. That’s like comparing the size of an olive to the size of Earth


TANAOR Bible chip inspected using confocal microscope with 100× magnification

Creating the Bible chip requires seven distinct steps, including ultra-violet exposure and metallization. Single copies are then cut from a sheet of silicon material into individual chips using a diamond cutting saw. Finally, each chip is incorporated into a gorgeous item of jewelry.

Revolutionary nano-techniques are changing our world – to construct new materials, to detect diseases and to treat water effectively. TANAOR brings deep meaning to this new era of discovery, creating a seamless connection between the world’s earliest writings and mankind’s very latest advances.