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The Smallest Ever Version of the Entire Bible - All Inside Your TANAOR Jewel


Moldawsky Diamonds & Jewelry – a symbol of quality since 1946, has created the TANAOR Collection. For more than six decades, Moldawsky has been a market leader and a trusted source of excellent gems, rare diamonds and magnificent jewelry.

The Moldawsky family legacy of excellence spans three generations. Widely recognized as industry innovators, Moldawsky continues to work alongside major brands, retail chains and individual clients. Maintaining a family approach to business, we value the lifelong relationships we have established across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Moldawsky products are not only characterized by a flawless setting and an elegant design. Each piece is the product of a mission to bring personal meaning and significance to jewelry. 

Fascinated by fusing high quality with technological advances and combining the seemingly opposing fields of science and technology with ancient faith, TANAOR merges jewelry with a world where no boundaries exist.