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The Smallest Ever Version of the Entire Bible - All Inside Your TANAOR Jewel


TANAOR's exquisite jewelry not only brings happiness to those who wear it but also to those in need of charitable donations in the wider world. Like the Old Testament at the heart of each of our products, our company embraces a policy of donating 5% of our profits directly to a worthy cause

We carefully select beneficiary Not-For-Profit organizations which make a difference, regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality. The joy of jewelry is universal and its profits should be too.

Our current Not-For-Profit beneficiary is allocated to support the development of Nano Technology science in Israel, specifically in the life sciences aspect. The fusion of nanotechnology and medicine is changing healthcare as we know it. Recent advances in Nanomedicine are bringing innovative solutions for different diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, stroke and are set to revolutionise drug discovery.